Nuisance Birds In Fort Wayne, IN

Birds become pests when they enter commercial areas, even if they don’t mean to. They use any gap, crack, ledge, pipe, rafter, electrical box, and other available space to build their nests. When they do, it can result in structural damage, building material corrosion, unintentional fire, unwelcome noise, costly cleanup, and a public health risk. Birds don’t have to create a roost to become a problem. Pest bird droppings are acidic, slippery, and unattractive, and they could contain hazardous bacteria or diseases. Birds aren’t intentionally pests, but their presence can create a lot of problems for business owners. Here are a couple of Indiana’s most prevalent pest birds.

The Hoosier State has a diverse set of pest bird problems. Indiana crows in downtown Bloomington are loud and disgusting, leaving bird droppings on handrails, signs, fences and barriers near the Monroe County Courthouse. The city’s public health manager says the droppings are the worst he’s seen in the downtown area.

Pigeons, the most common nuisance birds in Indianapolis and southeast Indiana, leave messy roosts that plague many commercial buildings throughout the state.

Indiana also has problems with grackles, which are frequently seen feeding in fields, lawns and golf courses. Grackles consume or destroy farm crops, such as citrus, tomatoes, watermelons, cabbage, lettuce, grain, corn, peaches, figs and cantaloupes.

Finally, Indiana is home to a large population of turkey vultures. These large birds commonly roost in commercial areas and on utility structures and communication towers, leaving behind droppings and regurgitations that can damage expensive equipment. Source


Everyone understands what a pigeon is, but few realize how filthy they are. They are opportunistic eaters who will eat from dumpsters, rubbish heaps, and garbage cans. As a result, their excrement is a severe health risk.


These birds can be a problem in any commercial setting, but they have a bad reputation among farmers. Starlings use the high-protein supplements that are provided to cattle feed. They can also transmit disease from one facility to the next.


These adaptive birds can be a property for any business that has veggies, fruit, or seeds on its premises. They contaminate all food sources as well. From a garbage to grain storage is a short trip.

Canadian Geese

While a Canada geese is a gorgeous bird, it may create up to 3 pounds of feces per day. Because these birds are frequently located near water sources, bacteria is frequently introduced into the water.


Ducks are considered a useful bird to have around since they assist in pest control. However, using a pest to control pests is not a good idea. Ducks can crush plants in pursuit of bugs, worms, and other sources of protein. If you’ve spent money on landscaping, having ducks around will ruin everything. Contact us today for bird control if you run a business in Indiana. To fulfill the particular demands of our customers, our bird control team in Fort Wayne pulls from a broad variety of control devices. Put your bird protection in place as soon as possible.